Rent insurances

BURJASSOT INMOBILIARIA has the diversity of the “Arrenta, Association for Rent Promotion and Access to Housing” insurance, created to give a quick response to the security needs that owners and renters demand when renting their home or local. BURJASSOT INMOBILIARIA offers effective mechanisms that allow:

  • Charge unpaid incomes. Having the security of receiving the monthly payments owed by the tenant, is a tranquility.
  • Recover quickly the property. Achieve a 50% reduction in the recovery times of your home or local.
  • Avoid lengthy judicial processes and their high costs. Saving 100% on regular legal costs.
  • Effective filter on delinquency. Non-compliance in rental contracts is reduced to 0.5%; Providing personalized solutions and conducting prior mediation with the tenant, thus achieving a “friendly settlement” in 85% of cases of non-compliance.
  • Arbitral reliability. Aeade, the only Arbitration Institution in Spain with agreements signed with municipal and autonomous governments.